Informed Decisions in Home Loans and Financing

Make an informed decision with Reactive Home Loans, when it comes time to structure your home loans or other investments. See below to find about more about our many types of loan.

Reactive Home Loans

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Home Loan

Make an informed decision when it comes time to choose and structure your home loan, with discounted interest rates and other benefits from Reactive Home Loans.

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First Home Buyers

Our team will walk you through the home loan and purchasing process, so you can make a confident and informed decision for your first home.

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Construction Loans

Reactive Home Loans can assist you with your building loan, lending up to 95% of the valuation if you are using a contract builder and up to 85% if you are an owner-builder.

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Moving Loan

Moving, Relocation or Bridging loans are for clients who would like to purchase a home while waiting for their existing home to sell. We offer this loan type at standard home loan interest rates, with the ability to capitalise interest until you sell.

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Land Loans

Secure a land loan that offers you flexible financing on your own terms, that doesn’t force you to build within strict timeframes. Make sure to choose the right land loan from the beginning, as the wrong lender can cost you more in the end.

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Refinancing or Upgrading

Refinance your existing loans to improve your interest rates, consolidate loans, change to a lender with better service, gain a Line of Credit facility, or free up funds for anything from a home renovation to purchasing a new car.

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Commercial Loans

Commercial loans and business loans come in all shapes and sizes. The downside is that it can get very confusing for business owners to work out exactly which loan product they need, ReActive can assist you in the process.

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Investment Loans

An investment loan can be used to purchase a Residential Property, Commercial Property or Share Portfolio. We can do this by utilising your current home as security for the investment property you wish to purchase.

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Self-managed Super Fund Loan

A SMSF loan can be made difficult if it’s not processed by a person with experience. At Reactive, we are not Financial Advisors instead we are experts at assisting with structure and arranging loan approval for their SMSF.

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